One of the best loved of dried fruits. Their high fibre content makes them the obvious choice for a well balanced diet. They have great antioxidant properties and high levels of potassium.

Conservas Calanda work with two lines of dried prune, which are differentiated in two different brands, Ismael and Sol de Marzo. Both brands are marketed as different grades and with or without pits. The stoning process is carried out by hand.

The Ismael dried prune comes from our own fields and is processed in our own plant. We use the prestigious D’Agen variety of Plum, which due to its texture and flavor is one of the best loved.

The plums for the Sol de Marzo Prune are imported and then processed in our installations.

Ismael Dried Prune Sol de Marzo Prune Claudia Prune 350g tray Prune with Stone and stoned 300gr bag